Kilmallie Free Church of Scotland is located in the village of Caol, Fort William and is part of the Free Church of Scotland - a Presbyterian and Reformed denomination. The main emphasis of our worship is the preaching of the gospel - the good news of forgiveness, and a new life through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ alone.

But our church isn't there just for it's members - it's there for the whole of the local community, everyone is welcome to our services and meetings, and we also hire out our rooms to local groups and organisations. Not all of our meetings are services, throughout the week we have folk coming into the church building for a variety of activities, and also have church members going out into the wider community to serve others.

Below is a photo of the main wall, the one we see when we sit in services and in front of which our speakers stand. This map of the world is a permanent reminder to us that we are part of world-wide Christian community and that we have millions of family members spread around the world. We don't mind who you are, or where you come from, we would just be delighted to have you visit us.