Where to Find Us

Kilmallie Free Church
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Sunday Services Kilmallie 11.00am and 5.30pm

Kilmallie Free Church - Glenpane Street - Caol - Fort William PH33 7AU

E: office@kilmallie.freechurch.org - T: 01397 704434

We have a small car park with five spaces (one disabled). We try to keep these spaces for the elderly or those who are mobility impaired. If you are able-bodied, we recommend you head to the square in Caol (see above map) to park. It’s just a short walk along the shore road to the church. For public transport links - please see Traveline Scotland


Acharacle Free Church


Sunday Services Acharacle 11.00am, except first Sunday of the month. Sunday school during the service on the second Sunday of the month.

Acharacle Free Church - Church Road - Acharacle PH36 4JL

E: office@kilmallie.freechurch.org - T: 01397 704434

Parking is available outside the church in the parking space and on the grass. Please park perpendicular to the road.

For public transport links, please see Traveline Scotland